Movement Meets Its Match

The newly patented design of Unruli® Cargo Management System solves a common problem for pickup truck owners, how to keep all your cargo from shifting for easily reach and retrieval, and how to quickly convert your truck bed for any use.

No Shift

Foldable cargo box has two adjustable straps with hook and loop fasteners that allow users to secure cargo inside the box.

Standard cargo box secures valuable cargo under a lockable lid.

Both Unruli box options stop the shift in your truck bed.

Unruli Groceries Stay Put

Your unruly groceries will stay in place on the way home from the grocery store.  Plastic bags can be hung on any of the 6 built in hooks of the Foldable Box.

Locks In Place

Whether you are pulling it out or pushing it back in, the Unruli cargo box locks in the bed securely where you need it – to the edge of the tailgate for loading or unloading, or inside the tailgate, under the tonneau cover, for over the road hauling action.

Instant Install

From box to bed, Unruli is ready to go in 30 minutes with no holes to drill and no modifications to your truck. Use a one 9/16 socket wrench to lock six clamps to the tonneau siderails and you’re ready to roll – but your cargo stays put and safe.

Groceries, golf clubs, tools or gear, Unruli takes on all challenges and keeps them in place.  Truck and bed storage become simple with our innovative, durable and battle-tested unit that you wished you had years ago.

Watch the video and follow the quick set up steps on our installation page.

tonneau cover install with wrench

A Million Uses

Whatever you need to haul, your pickup truck bed converts quickly from a slide out cargo box to an empty truck bed.

With the Foldable Box, simply fold the box to each side.  With the Standard Box, release the latch and remove the box.

Once your Foldable Box is folded or Standard Box is removed, simply roll up the tonneau cover and the entire pickup bed is ready for hauling any large size cargo.

Technical Specs




It’s exactly what you have always wanted!

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