Meet Your New Tonneau Cover and Cargo Management System

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Standard Box

The Unruli Standard Box is a diamond-plated, easily removable, cargo box with a lockable lid and includes an integrated soft roll-up tonneau cover.

Foldable Box

The Unruli Foldable Box is a collapsible cargo box that offers the most flexible use of your truck bed and includes an integrated soft roll-up tonneau cover.

Unruli Gear

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As Seen at SEMA!

Unruli slides out from under the tonneau cover to tailgate edge. No reaching. No climbing. Easy to load. Simple to unload. Cargo boxes are easy to remove or fold out of the way when you need the entire box. Unruli’s includes an integrated tonneau cover and cargo box combination.

Flexible Storage

The Unruli Foldable Box option offers the most flexible usage.  The box folds and secures within truck bed wheel well, allowing full bed usage.

The Standard Box includes a solid diamond plated cargo box with lockable lid for extra security.  The box is easily removed from rails with no tools.

Tonneau Tenacity

Unruli’s heavy duty vinyl backed tonneau cover is included with either cargo box option.  Cargo boxes slide in and out on integrated tonneau side rails.

No need to roll or fold back tonneau cover to stow or retrieve items from the cargo box.

Rugged Results

Unruli’s rails and cargo boxes are constructed with durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant automotive grade aluminum that hold up to 250 lbs of cargo.

Made in the USA by an automotive parts manufacturer having more than 40 years experience making quality aluminum parts and assemblies.


On The Edge

Cargo boxes keep items contained near the back of your pickup bed.  Keeps items from sliding to hard-to-reach areas and prevent cargo and truck bed damage by limiting movement.

Shift Happens (but not here)

Cargo box containment features let you find your gear exactly where you put it.

Easy Installation

Attaches to truck bed with no vehicle modifications.  Using only one wrench and one person to install, the Unruli® cargo management system is ready to use in under 30 minutes.

Stow and Go

Quick access to the entire truck bed with no use of tools.  Foldable cargo box option folds and locks within wheel well.  Standard cargo box easily removes from rails with no tools.

Rugged Results

Load up to 250 pounds of cargo. 18 stainless steel bearings create easy sliding action even when loaded.

Satisfaction guaranteed

30-day “no questions asked” money back guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty on manufacturing defects.