SEMA, The Super Bowl for Pickup Truck Owners

If you have attended SEMA you know the intensity of the event. Imagine a crowd of 70,000 football fans at the Super Bowl — for four days. SEMA is like that, a lot of hype, energy and fun.

The Foldable, as well as Standard Box Cargo/Tonneau options debuted at the SEMA 2019 show. Interest in boxes was divided about 50/50. Truck usage is as different as the people who own them. Casual truck owners with multiple truck uses favored the Foldable Box. Utility and work truck owners found the Standard Box most appealing. Thousands witnessed the value of a slide-out reachable box that easily converted for full bed usage. Visitors were able to tryout both products and see how simple and easy Unruli is to use. Described by one booth visitor as “the Ferrari of slide-outs”, Unruli received great reviews from SEMA attendees.

Reliable Engineered Products is building their first production release of Unruli for the Ford F-150 platform. Standard Cargo Box/Tonneau will be available to purchase for F-150 owners by mid-year, 2020. Foldable Cargo Box/Tonneau is expected to be available no later than the end of the end of 2020. Both products will be offered direct to consumer at and through participating Ford truck dealers. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with new product release dates, or follow Unruli’s Facebook page.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions during SEMA can be found on our FAQ page.  If you don’t find the answer there, message us through our Contact page.

Before you know it, the Unruli® tonneau/cargo management system will be ready for shipment.

pickup truck with tonneau and toolbox with bags inside